Tuesday, September 29, 2015

1900 miles in...

I was hoping to do this more on this trip, but between not having a power cord, and trying to save video I have not gotten around to it...so here is the quick update on the trip.

This trip has been great for my mind and soul.  I love being on my bike, and I do it mostly by myself, but this kind of adventure really gives you time to think and really try to make sense of where you are (that includes getting lost a time or two)!

This has truly been an adventure, from beautiful overlooks in Arkansas, to riding around in the French Quarter in New Orleans, to riding through flood warnings in Florida, to leaning what a Davenport is and the mystery shot,  to have the UBER driver that about killed me, this trip has been everything I have expected and more.

Physically, besides a little sore backside I am doing great.  I planned this trip to make the days manageable in case I got tired.  There have been days I could have gone longer, but there were natural stops in the trip so it made it nice. I got to see two of my favorite people in Houston. After 5 hours in the chair, I got Anne's tattoo done, a mermaid done just a few blocks from the Gulf.  I think she will love it.  Had a good time celebrating a friends birthday, but some of the pictures have to stay hidden!  Lets just say the dance floor was the island of misfit toys!

Emotionally, wow!  There has been a lot on my plate recently, and as most of it will come to an end in the next few weeks, it was great jus to have time to breathe in world around you without going down the road at 80 in a sound proof piece of metal cage.  btw: does all of Arkansas smell like catfish bait?  One of the biggest lessons I have learned on this trip is to let things go...so you planned on being at the hotel by 5 but your going to get there at 7...thats OK.  Change what you can and let the rest fall into place.

The beach in Navarre was beautiful.  It was actually really neat to see the storms building off the coast while sitting on the beach.  I wanted to stay longer, but will head back down soon, this time on of those flying things.

Forgiveness is hard coming to me right now.  I'm trying very hard to extend the grace that has been given to me, but for some reason I am struggling with it.  I still feel betrayed and lied to, and that makes it hard to forgive.  Does punishing a person, or getting revenge help with finding forgiveness or does it just do the opposite and push you farther away by making you feel as though you have some how settled the score? At the same time should we not hold people accountable for their actions as we have been help accountable for ours?

Maybe I just need another evening on a couch in a bar with a beverage in my hand talking about life with someone that knows me way to well!

Time to go to bed and get some sleep before a long day on the Natchez Trace Parkway in the morning!


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  2. Revenge is sweet, but not what the good Lord would want you to do. It would only make Satan smile. Don't give him that satisfaction, be the better person, hold them accountable to the deceit, betrayal and lies, and ask God to help you heal and forgive. That good feeling God gave you when looking on the Gulf is what you have to hold on to in your heart to get through the upcoming weeks.