Saturday, August 22, 2015

I'm back!

I just looked and it had been since Feb 2013 that I had posted anything to my old blog...well it's time to start again.

It's a crazy time in my life, some people know the details, some do not, but this is not the venue to go into the details.  If you really want to know just send me an email.

The kids and I spent the evening bowling as a fund raiser for a previous co-worker that also has cancer.  I can honestly remember that as soon as I told him I had cancer he sent me a bunch of links like "The last lecture" and much more information.  He too has young kids, and we have shared that leaving our kids fatherless is a huge fear.

Besides that I am still doing chemo.  Monday will be treatment #66 and to celebrate I am taking my motorcycle down route 66 over the weekend.

Time for bed...more to come!

Laugh, live, love.