Saturday, December 19, 2015

Men, It's time to stand up!

Men, It's time we stood up and became real mean...this does not mean beating our wives or girlfriends, putting down our kids, being total means being selfless!

First disclosures:  I have spend the better part pf my adult life being a selfish asshole...I know this and I fully admit it.  I have made a ton of mistakes and I have to pay for them everyday, and honestly, some of them break my heart everyday.

I see more and more men being less and less involved with their children.  Whether it be their own children in a "normal" home with their wife and their kids, or is a separated or blended family, I see men putting their own selfish desires ahead of their children.  Guess children see that decision you made to do what you wanted to do instead of being with them, and it kills them.

Remember when I spoke of Agape love that we get from God, thats the same type of love we need to have with our children.  Love, unconditional love, never ending love. I am not going to suggest your going to make every sports practice, or every event they are involved in, our lives today, and the amount of things they are involved in can be overwhelming, but whats important to them has to be important to you.

We are not just raising the next group of adults, we are raising the next group of adults that have seen how parents deal with their could turn out badly if we get it wrong.

My rule is that my life revolves around my kids.  My situation is obviously different that most everyone else's, but I try and put my kids first.  I might miss a game once and a while, but they know and I try to explain why.  I make it very clear in all the relationships in my life, my kids come first, if thats now what your willing to adhere to, then there is no room for you in my life.

Gentlemen, it is time to be a dad, to be the best dad you can be to be the most supportive dad you can be, to be the move loving dad you can be.  If your still married to their mother, show her love each and everyday in addition to showing them your unconditional love.

If you a step-dad make sure what ever kids are in the relationship know that they have your unconditional love.

If your a single dad, reassure the kids that they were conceived in love and that you love them no matter what.  You are their supporter, their biggest fan, and the place they can come to when life does not go as planned.

Your family comes first, that includes your kids.  Don't forget what your kids wee know is how they will treat their kids (your grandkids) later in life.  Agape love, unconditional love.

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